Constructive Eviction and the Implied Warranty of Habitability

Constructive Eviction and the Implied Warranty of Habitability
Steve is renting a property from Billy.  One evening Steve tripped and fell down the stairs. The issue is that one of the stairs in the common area was faulty. Billy knew about the stair, but he had never got around to fixing it. 
Steve injured his leg, so he decided to return to his room. The heater was not working (and it was in the middle of winter). Steve had told Billy about the faulty heater for months, but Billy never got around to fixing it. There is a local ordinance that requires landlords to repair heaters.  Additionally, assume that this jurisdiction includes the implied warranty of habitability. The jurisdiction recognizes constructive eviction, and it follows the majority rule of when landlords are liable for injuries.
•  What causes of action does Steve have?
•  What remedies does he have for the faulty heater?
Your paper should be 500-750 words, with at least two cited external sources

five roles and responsibilities of the contract administration office as a contract administrator.

Consider the five roles and responsibilities of the contract administration office as a contract administrator. What do you feel would be the most difficult role and what would you do to assure that you performed this role successfully?
Of the major activities of contract administration, suggest what you think would be the major do’s and don’ts? Apply this to a real-life business of your choosing.

securing the u.s. southern border: an assessment of the department of homeland security

. Needs to be plagiarism free! The core reason for which the Department of Homeland security was formed is to protect the country from attacks by mitigating any external threats to any external and attacks. Consequent to this need to mitigate attacks and protect the internal borders of the country, 22 federal agencies were combined to form the Department of Homeland Security. Quite critical among these combined agencies are the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which has the mandate to secure the states’ borders. Therefore, the Department of Homeland security heavily relies upon the CBP to secure the borders using a collection of the most technologically advanced operations, devices, and computerized information systems (Bullock, et al., 2008). Important in ensuring border security and emergency responses are effective information and security systems, an area in which the Department of Homeland Security perhaps has the best system in the world (Bullock, et al., 2008). Otherwise, failure to establish high-tech and appropriate information security systems would expose the United States to high-risks of poor response to emergencies and border security breaches. In spite of the technological advances in the DHS’s systems, the information security system of the department has often been blamed for poor responses in emergency cases and failure to effectively protect the southern borders. For instance, if the department’s information security system is not comprehensive enough to protect the stored information and support the operations of the department, such vital information could be leaked to illegal organizations such as drug rings that infiltrate the U.S’s southern borders. Regarding the government’s responses to emergencies, there have been a lot of criticisms on how an emergency such as Hurricane Katrina was responded to by the Department of&nbsp.Homeland Security

assignment on the Los Angeles riots of 1992

Compose a 3000 words assignment on the los angeles riots of 1992. Needs to be plagiarism free! The aspect of crime and criminal appearances in several states making up the United States of America has risen to levels that cannot be assumed with a majority of those involved in these operations togged up in a pool of cultural, racial and political conflicts. The three aspects have created a lot of rifts between the various communities and races dwelling in the multiracial American states constantly raising eyebrows on the pace and mode of co-existence between these communities. A most remarkable incident that can be used to prove this long-lasting anomaly is the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 which caused widespread loss of property through looting as well as the death of a number of residents in the area, most of whom affected, the Korean- Americans. The second section of this paper contains a clarification drawn from the torture and molesting of Rodney King, an African- American, by a number of police officers over an allegation that he has been over speeding. These incidences have been vividly clarified in this paper using historical references and trace of events. The consequences of these prevailing events have been explained after every reference used in order to bring out the true picture of the underlying tensions in the region as well as other American states. Various research methodologies have been employed in coming up with the whole bank of information presented in this paper. Majorly, secondary data retrieval methods and sources have been used in acquiring the relevant and necessary information. The data on the history of the prevailing upheavals have been acquired from secondary sources including books and related journals. Besides this, there was a high use of the related newspapers printed with the same information, among which include the Los Angeles Times and the Korean Times which widely aired the existing differences between the African and Korean Americans during this time of uncertainty and animosity in the region.

Intelligence Led Policing

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Intelligence Led Policing. Also, in case of the operators delving into investigations centering on specific targets, appropriate intelligence allows them to narrow their approaches on more plausible lines of investigation. Intelligence tends to be a three-pronged law enforcement utility. It is a process, a product and a structure at one and the same time. It strengthens the law enforcement and public safety organizations by helping them better understand the environment they are assigned to police. However, while resorting to intelligence-led policing, it is also an onus of the law enforcement organizations and officials to look to it that it gets practiced within its legal boundaries.It is really interesting to note that the very mention of the word intelligence conjures up wrong images in the minds of many people (Ratcliffe, 2008, p. 263). To the common people, the word intelligence often sums up to be a clandestine or covert operation conducted by officers who tend to specialize in shady law enforcement activities, which to some extent tends to carry along with it a tinge of moral ambiguity (Ratcliffe, 2008, p. 263). However, in the context of the crime intelligence analysts, it stands to be a systematic, methodical and logical approach towards things that immensely aids the understanding of the criminal environment in which the law enforcement personnel are required to operate (Ratcliffe, 2008, p. 263). However, there is no denying the fact that in the post 9/11, information-saturated world, the nature and scope of intelligence are still ignored, misunderstood or unceremoniously sidelined. Yet, the things are sure changing for better. Many salient experts and opinion makers are of the view that the concept of intelligence-led policing is now being widely recognized by the police services around the world as an essential aspect of the way they work and operate (Wardlaw & Boughton, 2006).


This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin. Instructions After reviewing the textbook topics and course learning objectives, students will select a subject of interest for a 7-10 page research paper supported by a minimum of 5 academic peer reviewed sources. The paper is due at the end of Week 7. In your response to the discussion board “Research Paper Topic”, post the topic you wish to research, the course learning objective with which it aligns, and why this topic is of special interest to you. I will approve, comment, or disapprove. Please wait for approval before you begin your research. This should be completed by the end of Week 2. The following are the six course learning objectives from which you can base your topic:  TOPIC:  ADDRESS ETHICAL MYTHS PORTRAYED IN THE MEDIA AND MOVIES THAT OCCUR IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM!Examine the organizational structure and the administration process of the U.S. justice system.Differentiate among the various components that influence the administration of the criminal justice system.Describe the use of force and the use of discretion in criminal investigation.Examine the administration of the courts when addressing sentence alternatives.Analyze the American correctional system and its use of alternative programs when administering justice.Identify common ethical issues that occur in the criminal justice system.Research paper topics must be based upon one of the six course learning objectives. When submitting the selected research topic by the end of Week 2, students must identify not only the topic of their research paper but also the course learning objective with which it is aligned.When writing your research paper be sure to focus upon the aspect of criminal justice that you are addressing from the perspective of the course learning objective with which it is associated. You must support points made in the research paper with scholarly resources. Your personal opinion must be limited and will not be a determining factor in the final grade. Instead, your grade is determined by how well you support your argument utilizing the materials discussed in this course and research and reference material you locate. What I do not want is a regurgitation of what is in the text. Expand on the text; do not repeat it. Direct quotes should be used sparingly and limited to instances where the original meaning would be lost if not directly quoted. Document your facts utilizing standard APA style 7th edition.This paper is to be submitted to me as indicated on the Course Schedule and Grading Policy Summary Table.  The paper is to be in APA format 7th edition and the body of the paper is to be between 7 and 10 pages.  The body of the paper does not include the title page, table of contents, appendix or references. Abstracts should not be included and will not count as part of the body of the paper if included.This is to be of high quality, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and of original work. Plagiarism will be dealt with harshly.  You are to title your paper by your last name.  For example, an individual with the last name of Smith would name their paper “smith.docx” with “.docx” being the MS Word file extension.  You are to submit your paper by uploading it to the assignment section.You must submit your research paper to this assignment as a Word document. Other formats will not be accepted. The date of your submission is based upon the date you successfully submit your research paper in the correct Word format.

current issue facing law enforcement leaders

Research Paper Assignment Instructions: Each student is required to complete an 8-10 page research paper on a current issue facing law enforcement leaders, utilizing at least 8 scholarly references, and written in APA Style. The paper should have 8-10 pages of content, not including the title page, abstract, and reference page. Please identify the issue, provide examples and statistics to demonstrate the extent of the issue, and provide solutions and implementation strategies.Topic ideas include: recruiting women and minorities into law enforcement, recruiting and retaining Millennials, implementing body-worn cameras, improving hiring practices and processes, reducing unethical conduct by officers, combating the opioid epidemic, improving community relations, implementing community-oriented policing, addressing increasing rates of suicide among officers, etc.Note that references used for your research need to be government documents and/or websites, weekly course material, and peer-reviewed/scholarly journals. These journals typically have the following characteristics:1. articles are reviewed by a panel of experts before they are accepted for publication;2. articles are written by a scholar or specialist in the field;3. articles report on original research or experimentation;4. are often published by professional associations;5. utilize terminology associated with the discipline.IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have submitted your paper it is automatically uploaded to a plagiarism checker.

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