Cloud Formation

. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Different old taboos will also be explained regarding cloud formation. The use of shadows in artists and writers from different cultural backgrounds will also help us shed light on the various cultural and aesthetic interpretation could cause formation. In the end, personal views regarding cloud formation and how cultural, scientific, and aesthetic performances come together to form a general understanding regarding clouds and their importance.How are Clouds formed?Clouds are formed by the cooling of air that consists of water vapors in the atmosphere. The air saturation due to the cooling of water vapors in the air leads to droplets that appear as clouds. The dust particles in the atmosphere also play a role in cloud formation. Water vapors get attached to tiny dust particles, and this leads to cloud formation. Clouds can also be formed with ice crystals, and usually, clouds at very high altitudes are created by ice crystals. This is the process through which clouds are formed. It is a scientific process, and no magic is involved in the creation of clouds.Ancient cultures view clouds as something magical because they were beyond their comprehension. Clouds were revered in some cultures due to their association with rainfalls. When clouds appeared, people felt protected from the sunshine, and sometimes it leads to rain, which helped forge a positive perception regarding clouds. This, however, does not mean that ancient cultures were perfectly comfortable with cloud formations. The fact that clouds changed shapes troubled many people and cast doubts in the minds of people. Overall, it can be safely said that ancient cultures viewed clouds as magical because it was foreign to the human capacity of knowledge.As we move upward in the atmosphere, air temperature tends to decrease. This, in turn, reduces the capacity of air to store water vapors, which leads to cloud formation. Clouds essentially have moisture in them, and this is why they are a source of rainfalls. Clouds also serve an essential purpose of providing shade to human beings. They also protect humans and animals from harmful radiations of the sun that can cause skin problems. Clouds are essentially water vapors, and therefore their reaction with different temperatures and air pressure leads to their movement.

How to Make a Pretty Rock 820 Lexile:

1.  Read the article: How to Make a Pretty Rock
820 Lexile:
 2.  Students will write a constructed response to one of the following questions, 
 a. Compare and contrast nature-made and human-made gemstones. 
 b.  How can you tell an artificial gemstone from a natural gemstone?
c.  Compare and contrast diamonds and graphite.
d.  Explain why diamonds are so hard.  
3.  Students will write their response and will color code their response.

categories of sedimentary environments

1.(a) How are the degree of sorting and the amount of rounding related to the transportation of sand grains? (b) What is the principal mineral in sandstone? Why does this mineral dominate? 2. (a) List three categories of sedimentary environments. Provide examples for each category. (b) What is the major difference between the various kinds of clastic sedimentary rocks? 3. (a) What is diagenesis? Give an example. (b) Describe briefly the lithification of sedimentary rocks.

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