final year professional practice project: building technology

 final year professional practice project: building technology used Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! On the right hand of the road user inside the compound, there is a parking lot that is made for the staff (Lambeck and Eschemuller 2009). This was so because in that area there was enough space for them to park easily and no congestion as shown in figure 1 a & b.This was to ensure that there were no unnecessary delays in terms of serving the clients. On the left hand, there are three parking lots for the buses as shown in figure 1a. This was so because the facilities belong to the company and will always be operating within the premises. Next to the bus parking lot, there is parking for the customers. The slots are twenty in number despite the fact that the expected number of customers being 30. This is because the customers cannot give a 100% turnout for the parking lots to be busy. There will always be few customers who will be being attended at a time and that means if we were to set up 30 parking lots, then some will remain idle for a long time (Yellamraju 2011).Figure 5 shows the cross-section of a wall showing the parts it comprises. It has a concrete lintel at the top while the concrete strip is found at the foundation. At the foundation, it is put in place together with a polythene paper which acts as a dump proof material to prevent the wall from absorbing moisture from the ground.In figure 6 below, part labeled A shows the new 600mm wide concrete trench fill foundations to a min depth of 1m, which is put to suit site conditions and to building control approval. It provides foundations to all new external walls, party, walls, and load-bearing walls. The section labeled B shows the new floor which is well compacted and it’s 150mm and sand blinded hardcore, 1200G DPM, 100mm, concrete flow slab, with 3 coats of synthaprufe over (fully lapped with DPC membrane to the existing floor) followed by 50mm Celotex floor insulation between 50*5o treated timber battens with 22mm T&G moisture resistant boarding over, then clients selected the floor finish

One Dimensional Consolidation.

Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. Once the characteristics are established, they are used to estimate the amount of settlement of a structure that would arise from the consolidation of its earth foundation due to structure load. The test also serves to establish the settlements that happen within dams and earth embankments. Consolidation characteristics of soil mass are influenced by several factors such as size and shape of particles, moisture content, permeability, initial density, as well as physical and chemical properties. Consolidation standard test provides the following information.Although the discussion is mainly concerned with one-dimensional test data, the probability of shear failure must be observed. This implies that in the design for any foundation, it is important that the bearing capacity of shear failure and settlement be studied.According to the BS 1377-50: 1998, the one-dimensional consolidation test determines the magnitude and the rate of consolidation for saturated soil specimens. The specimen is subjected to vertical axial pressure and allowed to drain freely. As the test specimen is laterally loaded, an increment of stress is applied. Each increment in stress is held constant until the consolidation process is completed. As water drains from the specimen, there is a decrease in specimen height that is measured at intervals. The measurements are used to determine the relationship between compression or voids ratio and effective stress. Calculation parameters describe the amount of stress and the rate of the stress.The load is applied to the specimen in a series of more increments. For this experiment, 12, 25, 100, 200, 400, and 800 kPa were used. Load intensity depends on the weight of the structure and overburden pressures occurring on the material. This should be of similar values of anticipated pressure on the foundation.&nbsp.

Compose a 5000 words assignment on housing and construction cost escalation:

a focus on Saudi Arabia. Needs to be plagiarism free! Certain factors were evaluated and analyzed to identify the major reasons for the cost escalations in the housing and construction industry in KSA. The factors that were analyzed include economic factors, geographic factors, demographic factors, social factors, and other environmental factors to provide accurate and reliable information regarding the cost escalations in the KSA’s construction industry. In the end, some strategies are proposed that could help the KSA’s construction industry to reduce its construction and housing cost. With UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait being a part of GCC, it was observed that construction contracts worth USD 50 billion were awarded to contractors in the very first quarter of 2011 (Deloitte, 2012a). The breakup of these contracts is given in the image below:The Gulf Cooperating Council (GCC) flourished from the year 2003-2008 due to the spectacular increase in oil prices. With an increase in oil prices, the cost of construction also increased to about 60 percent particularly in Dubai (Meed Cost Indices, 2012a). In order to stabilize the economy to create a more balanced state, several projects were initiated with construction the major priority of GCC. The major hurdles for these projects were observed during the global economic crisis of 2008 where most of these initiated projects had to be canceled or kept on hold. However, with the recovery of the economy, it was predicted that the construction sector would be provided with outstanding growth opportunities in the forthcoming years (Meed Cost Indices, 2012a).With the passage of time, the construction sector has shifted its focus from small and simple projects to more sophisticated and complex projects that require billions of dollars investment. Such projects involve complex civil work, electromechanical systems, and vital infrastructures to attract foreigners and investors.

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