A spurious relationship is originated by a series of data that offer some sense of correlation that, in practice, is non-existent.

A spurious relationship is originated by a series of data that offer some sense of correlation that, in practice, is non-existent. The term originates from the word “spurious”, which means “hypothetical”, “not true” or “illegitimate”, for example.

There are also several references to this relationship, which we will explain better throughout the text, as spurious regression. The most important point to understand is that, although these data are indicative, there is actually no conclusion that should really be taken seriously.

The great characteristic of a spurious relationship is its power to deceive those who see it. This is because, statistically, it is possible to build correlations in different data sets that are composed of unit numbers.

However, contrary to what may seem in many cases, there is not always a cause and effect relationship between the variables. Even so, for those who analyze these data sets, they can identify a certain logic, even if false.

When this happens, it is called a spurious relationship. Therefore, it is a series of data and characteristics that, although without any value for those who analyze the data, can generate false interpretations.

I found a very funny spurious correlations in one of the articles that compares an increase in car seat belt results in a lower number of astronaut deaths. One thing has nothing to do with the another which made me laugh and wonder how people can even think about it and compare the facts.

Which strategy (Build-Borrow-Buy) you think will be superior in this race to autonomous vehicles?

Technology can be very disruptive to established industries (think of radio, taxis, cameras). So, companies’ strategies must change and evolve to prosper or just to survive. The automotive industry is a great example of an industry that undergoing huge changes. The shift to semi-autonomous cars is happening much faster than was predicted just a few years ago. It has become imperative for big auto companies to be ready for the shift by building (in house development), borrowing (collaboration or joint venture) or buying (acquisition) these new capabilities.
Read this summarizing article: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-companies-most-likely-to-get-driverless-cars-on-the-road-first-2017-4 (Links to an external site.)

Which strategy (Build-Borrow-Buy) you think will be superior in this race to autonomous vehicles?
Which company or companies do you think will end up on top of the industry?
Will it be an existing car company or a disrupter from Silicon Valley?

Evaluation. Briefly summarize your assessment of the accounting capabilities of QuickBooks Pro.

Assess interface/structure/navigation. Is interface/structure/navigation logical and intuitive? Explain.
Assess functionality. Does the application contain appropriate software modules? Do these modules contain appropriate features (i.e., capabilities)? Explain. 
Assess ease of use. Is the application simple to use? Explain.
Would you recommend this application to an acquaintance or business? Briefly explain.

SOLVER in Excel.

Through the materials of this week, you are introduced to SOLVER in Excel.  Explain what Solver is, and discuss some of the benefits of being able to use the Solver tool?  How does it differ from Goal Seek in both method and complexity?  What are some of the issues you faced in this week when using Solver?  Did you find any resources that might be helpful in applying Solver?
Follow participation policy and expectations.

Database Fundamental

Based on the case scenario provided, (1) developing a collection of spreadsheets on a file system to manage a business process, (2) identifying and discussing the problems of using a collection of spreadsheets on a file system, (3) discussing the benefits of using a database system and (4)  drawing an ERD and developing a database table design for the information system proposed in the case.

Integrated management system

 . It needs to be at least 2500 words. According to Griffith (1999), an integrated management system (IMS) is the organizational structure, resources and procedures used to plan, monitor and control project quality, safety and environment. The need for an integrated management system has been felt basically because of considering the adoption of an Environment Management System (EMS) and/or an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS) besides a Quality Management System (QMS), as per the business and industry requirements (Stamou, 2003), as Figure 1 depicts the centre of an Integrated Management System and examples of standards through which the integration can be attained. An IMS is shown situated at the centre of the three systems, adopting common features of all the three management systems.As all standards have been securely implemented in the marketplace of different industry sectors, the certification organisations are in favour of an integrated approach wherein a company has a single management system in place in stead of many systems functioning individually showing allegiance to many standards at a time. Having independent management systems under the command of different independent management teams, according to certification agencies, is a risky proposition as each management system would take the organisation in a different direction making the focus on company objectives blurred. Only integration can solve the problem by bringing cohesiveness in the implementation of different standards (Dr. Brewer et al. 2005).An integrated management system fulfills the needs of any organisation, of any size and sector, assimilating the elements of two or more management systems into single unitary system by maintaining and following documentation, policies, procedures and processes holistically.

Cloud computing Cloud Security

Dissertation Topic:  Cloud computing Cloud Security
In 250-300 words outline your dissertation topic and goals for this semester as they relate to your dissertation course. If you do not have a dissertation topic please revert those you are considering. Also, include ways that you could improve your dissertation, as well as areas you may be struggling with.

GSM Phone Security.

The A5/3 is the most recent standard and has proven to better than the previous standards in terms of security but has its loopholes too.The perceived weakness of the GSM cell phone is basically because of the encryption being deployed by the model. This is a loophole that can be a security threat to the company as the CEO uses the phone for all her conversations as well as email communication. The phone can be hacked into and all the data can be accessed. The loss of data concerning future inventions and innovations that the organization is working on can be quite catastrophic on the organizations future as well as image.Since the organization is migrating to another communication method, this paper seeks to help the CEO understand the threats that the use of her GSM phone pose as well as the countermeasures. However, these are only temporary solutions to allow for the organization to migrate to another technology within three months without incidences. The paper also includes an action plan for a smooth migration.Global Communications Enterprises (GCE), might be a small technology company but has a bright and great future ahead. However, this future can prove to be dim if the right steps and paths are not followed. One such path is the communication methods that are employed at the organization. The CEO of GCE uses GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) which is the most popular mobile phone technology being used by the majority of mobile phone users in the whole world.The CEO uses the GSM phone for all her communication. The emails that she sends to fellow workers, as well as employees, are sent from her GSM phone, these include confidential emails concerning the organizations’ future technology plans. This is her only communication gadget. With the kind of encryption that is employed by the GSM phone, it would be an honest opinion to state that the company is at risk.&nbsp.

Madura it systems

 madura it systems Paper must be at least 5000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Madura’s fragmented IT systems necessitate integration in order to link the IT applications within the enterprise. Since the organization’s IT department could not match the rate at which process changes were taking place, the organization launched workarounds. First, the organization adopted an outsourcing approach while the internal team focused on strategic tasks. Since the company’s CIO acknowledged the necessity to support the retailer’s IT strategy together within its business strategy, he started advising functional heads regarding technologies capable of helping them align the system to the organization’s goals. The “blank check” in which the various IT teams were given to implement IT solutions gravely hampered integration and availability of information because the solutions did not align with the enterprise’s business strategy or overall needs. The IT systems were unable to link to the new strategic fronts because many solutions implemented solve only specific problems. Madura has to broaden its strategic fronts partly because of the increasing demand in the local market since the demand for apparel has tripled due to an increase in the number of middle-class families. By broadening its strategic fronts, the company would have a fighting chance against increasing retail competition.Information assurance identifies and incorporates various policies, standards, and mechanisms to preserve integrity regarding people, information, technology, and the supporting infrastructure (Willett, 2008). Information assurance usually involves three elements including confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Confidentiality guarantees that information is accessible as required and prevents any unauthorized access, while integrity ensures that private data is not deleted or corrupted (Willett, 2008). The availability aspect of information assurance guarantees the accessibility of information as required and&nbsp.supports the enterprise’s capability to operate and even realize its objectives.

system administration in IOT

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